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A sampling of our Agribusiness expertise is as follows:

ExapnadAgribusiness Livestock Production Data Collection and Analytics Platform
Technologies: Microsoft .Net framework, C#, MS SQL Server, MS Analysis Server, MS Reporting Services, MS Exchange Server

ITLogica designed, built and maintains the technical infrastructure to support livestock production data collection and analytics. The monthly data feeds are processed through a collect validate and publish process. ITLogica also developed the workflow tools to facilitate and manage the data collection process for 800+ endpoints and the delivery of 3000+ customer reports monthly.

The dataset supporting the information service is the largest performance dataset in the US Beef feedlot industry. ITLogica has matured the system architecture to support multiple species and global data collection.
Exapnad Feedlot Market Intelligence Service
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Analysis Server, Business Objects, Microsoft Reporting Services

ITLogica implemented a data warehouse in Microsoft Analysis Server to support mining and reporting Beef Feedlot animal health data. The project included:
  1. Installation and configuration of Microsoft Analysis Server
  2. Design and build of AgSpan Animal Health data mine / data warehouse
  3. Implementation of Business Objects rich client OLAP tool for building data mining models
  4. Implementation of Excel pivot table client for building data analysis models
  5. Design / Build of Microsoft Reports supporting the FMIS service offering
Exapnad Agribusiness Application Management
Technologies: Spans majority components of the Microsoft Technology stack

ITLogica has been providing application management for a data collection and analytics application environment for 10+ years. This complex environment collects data from over 800+ endpoints and securely distributes report to 3000+ user on a monthly basis. The production environment supports daily / week / monthly processing.

ITLogica works with the customer to support a monthly structured release process to ensure new features and functionality are rapidly and reliably available. ITLogica provides a team of 25-30 resources supporting ongoing maintenance and new enhancements.

Ongoing deliverables include:
  1. Application enhancements (data collection, reporting ...)
  2. Operational support
  3. Technology uplifts (SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange, .Net)
  4. Release management
ITLogica has continued to provide ongoing application management for 11 years.
Exapnad Analytics Data Distribution Architecture
Technologies: Microsoft .Net, SQL Server, SharePoint

ITLogica developed and deployed a data distribution architecture that facilitates the secure subscription and delivery of large analytic datasets to end users. This architecture is an extension of a business intelligence management system (BIMS). A BIMS user is subscribed to specific datasets. Each time the data set is generated the data set gets published to the authorized user’s FTP folder and an email notification delivered. The user then accesses the FTP folder via off the shelf FTP client tools to download customized datasets for local analysis via JMP, Microsoft Excel, Spotfire or any BIMS user tool of choice.
Exapnad 3rd Party Data Collection Architecture
Technologies: Microsoft .Net, C#, SQL Server, Web Services, Microsoft Windows Services

ITLogica developed and deployed a data collection architecture that consumes authorized 3rd Party website content. This architecture triggers on a scheduled interval and polls the 3rd party website. The architecture will consume a 3rd party website’s data via a published web service definition or alternatively scrape specific HTML web content and load to the EKS database.

Examples of 3rd Party Data Collection could include: weather data, commodity data, currency conversion rates, government published data...
ExapnadExcel eTool / SharePoint Business Intelligence Architecture
Technologies: Microsoft .Net, C#, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, MS SharePoint, MS Silverlight, MS Excel

The Excel eTool / SharePoint Business Intelligence Architecture were developed to enable tools that were initially built / prototyped in Excel with plans to migrate to SharePoint.

An ITLogica customer had the need to rapidly prototype customer facing tools. These tools are efficiently prototyped by business SME’s in MS Excel, but require data that housed in the centralized SQL Server data warehouse. ITLogica developed a secure web service in front of the data warehouse that enabled a number of features: user/application security, activity logging, software license management and data servicing.

Once the customer prototyping was completed and the application was ready to become “industrialized”, ITLogica rebuilt the Microsoft Excel application in Silverlight or HTML5 for hosting in a SharePoint instance. This process has become a proven technique for rapidly prototyping analytics projects before committing to full web development.
Exapnad IT Infrastructure Transition to Cloud Infrastructure
Technologies: VMware, MS SQL Server, MS Analysis Server, Windows Server, MS Office Automation

ITLogica worked with a client to transition a production IT infrastructure to a hosted, cloud infrastructure. The project included the security configuration, deployment and regression testing of the existing application infrastructure consisting of 6-8 VMs. ITLogica provided regression testing of the new environment. The complex production environment was successfully redeployed to the Cloud infrastructure over a 45 day period resulting in no down time.
ExapnadOpen Source Web Portal Development and Application Management
Technologies: DotNetNuke Portal, Microsoft .Net, C#, MS SQL Server, MS Excel Office Automation

Client teamed with ITLogica to develop a secure web portal for aggregating and publishing information for the global protein market. The development project included:
  1. DotNetNuke portal implementation
  2. Custom listing and search repository
  3. Documentation repository development
  4. Custom client dashboards
ITLogica has continued to provide ongoing application management for 4+ years.
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