Overview Client Successes

ITLogica has proven Solution Delivery, Managed Services, and Staff Augmentation expertise within the Health/Pharma Life Sciences sector. A sample of initiatives where ITLogica had a positive impact is below.

ExapnadDesigned and Developed Claim Status Reporting Application for Healthcare Service Provider
Technologies: Java, Spring Security, Oracle, Business Objects

ITLogica designed and developed a medical claim status inquiry and reporting application for a healthcare policy management service provider. This web-based application provides self-service of claim status to multiple user groups from both the external clients and the internal customers.

Key features of the web-based e-service application:
  1. Real-time data pulled from various data sources and systems
  2. Management reporting module that provide instant view of claim status based on defined data access security and selected reporting parameters
  3. Role-based security model and defined user group with legacy security framework
  4. Real-time and easy online navigation of complex levels of claim status information, achieved good usability design, allows multi-level drilling down, analysis and reporting for both internal users and external customers.
The secured web-based application was developed in Java, Spring Security to control the access security, the Oracle as the core database, and Business Objects reports as the core reporting platform. The key differentiator of ITLogica delivery is the great UI and usability design, which make navigation of complex claim status information easy and intuitive for the business users. The implementation of this web-based self-service portal became a key strategic initiative the healthcare service provider took to improve its relationships with its high-priority clients.
ExapnadDesigned and Implemented Data Acquisition and Document Management System for Healthcare Service Provider
Technologies: Java, MySQL, SVN, JMS

Our client is a healthcare specialty service provider in medical polity and payment management. It is crucial for our client to maintain complex medical documents as well as keep up with the updates to complex medical policies. ITLogica designed and developed a solution to automate the medical documents update process from predefined data sources. This solution greatly improves the timeliness and thoroughness of information updates that were previous managed manually by the client’s research group. It lays the foundation for best practice data management – turning static data into actionable information through a full data acquisition, validation, normalization, publishing and reporting solution.

Key features of the data acquisition and management system:
  1. Data source management module to allow users to manage data sources for data/file acquisition
  2. File acquisition status and schedule management
  3. Alert management that send automated alerts to defined user groups when file updates are available
  4. Document management
  5. Workflow and task management
The data acquisition and management system was developed in Java, we used MySQL as the core database, the SVN as the core repository, and the JMS Message. ITLogica’s key differentiator was its solution architecture and design capability that provides the client a total solution from managing data sources to file acquisition and document management. The solution helps the client improve business topline and bottom line by timely managing complex medical information updates.
ExapnadDeveloped and Implemented Referral Management System for Sleep Health Company
Technologies: Microsoft .Net, SQL Server

Client teamed with ITLogica to build a referral management system. The web portal automates the business processes for capturing the patient referral, verifying patient insurance, scheduling the sleep study, collecting the study data and routing the study for reading by a sleep study specialist.

Key features of the secure web portal include:
  1. Centralized data store for managing the company’s sleep studies that multiple users can access concurrently
  2. Management reporting that provides an instant view of all active patient sleep orders
  3. Online view for referring physician staff to review status of patient orders (this capability is a differential advantage over other Sleep Lab competitors)
  4. Secure routing of sleep studies to sleep study specialist for reading and analysis
  5. Online scheduler
  6. Workflow / Task management subsystem
The secure web portal was developed in Microsoft .Net with a Microsoft SQL Server backend database. The secure web portal is an important asset for Complete Health Sleep that enables them to “do more with less”. The administrative staff is no longer a burden on the growth and profitability of the company. The portal provides the platform to continue streamlining business processes.
ExapnadDeveloped and Implemented Plan Connecting Distributed Offices under Common Centralized IT solution for Animal Health company
Technologies: Microsoft Widows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Cisco Networking

Objective was to provide flexibility to the various offices while at the same time implementing the structure necessary for more efficient operations. ITLogica implemented a 4-node VPN network for the company based on Microsoft Windows Server platform.

ITLogica’s network solution included:
  1. Upgrading of servers to Windows Server
  2. Upgrading mail server to Microsoft Exchange
  3. Upgrading database server to SQL Server
  4. Establishing an active directory between the sites
  5. Securing distributed network nodes via Cisco Pix firewalls
  6. Consolidating core business servers (e.g. ERP, Customer Management System) to a secure, hosted environment
  7. Implementing a disaster recovery strategy

The project achieved a number of key objectives for the Client:
  1. Enabled file and database sharing between offices
  2. Enabled integration of systems that were previously housed in remote offices
  3. Significantly reduced reliance and cost of remote office IT contractor support
  4. Increased reliability of IT infrastructure due to secure hosting environment
  5. Enabled cost-effective disaster recovery strategy
  6. Facilitated remote user support leveraging Windows remote control technologies
ExapnadDeveloped Web Store for Fertility Health Company
Technologies: ASP Dot Net Storefront, SQL Server, Microsoft .Net, C#

Fertility Health Web store was built on ASP Dot Net storefront package solution. ITLogica facilitated the package selection, installed the packaged web store solution and then completed numerous user shopping experience customizations.

Specific enhancements / customizations included:
  1. Credit card verification and processing
  2. “How Did You Hear About Us” multi-level analytics data collection
  3. Google Analytics integration
  4. Integration with 3rd party fulfillment house vendor
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