The ideal use of our Staff Augmentation service offering is for our clients to engage one resource, or a group of individual resources, for a specific role or need on their team. Staff augmentation needs can run the gamut from accelerating a product launch, to managing and configuring enterprise software, to analyzing or testing data for quality and efficiency. A few examples of staff augmentation roles that we have staffed are analysts, developers, project managers, infrastructure, quality assurance, and testers. These assignments can generally last any duration, but are usually less than 18 months. After gathering the necessary role description data from the client, ITLogica identifies the right resources, delivers them to the client’s location (the right place), in an accelerated fashion (at the right time) to meet the client’s need. The resources are assigned tasks or responsibilities by the client, whom also oversees their day to day activities.

    The primary factor that sets ITLogica apart from traditional staffing companies is our staffing specialists whom average 20 years of successful of recruiting experience. Our recruiters have hired thousands of well-qualified and high–value people for placement into many different types of roles including the following:

  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Direct Hire

In addition to the standard candidate databases and usual recruiting techniques, we have an extensive network of contacts that help us source the marketplace to find the right candidate for our clients. We also keep our overhead expenses low which keeps our clients’ fees low without sacrificing timeliness and quality.

Lastly, we find that staff augmentation engagements often times serve as catalysts for our clients to engage in our additional Solution Delivery and Managed Services service offerings, which offer substantial value and benefits, as well.

If you have a staff augmentation need, allow ITLogica to meet your need!

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