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Client Situation

AGL Technology is a Georgia Tech ATDC Accelerate company, delivering Sensor / Cloud / AI solutions providing “The Voice Behind Things That Move.” We deliver advanced cognitive solutions using acoustic, video and movement sensors. AGL Technology is best known for the Vetrax® Animal Behavior Monitoring solution that provided was purchased by Colgate / Hills Pet Nutrition in 2018.



With the trend of IoT development and the increasing popularity of the intelligent devices, AGL had been exploring a solution to apply intelligent device for pets and seeking a technology which can accurately collect the dog behaviors and transmit the data to cloud-based platform. The goal was to provide a veterinary relevant solution to communicated animal behaviors to veterinarians and pet parents to provide a higher level of care for dogs.


Solutions Provided

With the advanced technology in collecting and analyzing data from sensors and rich experience in cloud app buildings, ITLogica is very honored to cooperate with AGL and deliver the solution.

  • By setting up a sensor on a dog’s collar, the detailed movement data of the dog can be accurately collected and transferred up to the Azure Cloud Storage.
  • With the leverage of Azure Service Bus, the data from numerous sensors can be processed and scaled in batch through the dog-behavior algorithm engine and be converted to the specific activities like head shaking, scratching, physical activity, drinking and more, and finally be presented to the end users via straightforward graphic charts on the mobile app and website.


Vetrax is already helping veterinarians and pet parents to provide enhanced care for dogs with a variety of conditions. But this is just the beginning. AGL believes the technology has the potential to further transform veterinary care for dogs and, in time, for cats too. Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc., owned by Colgate, also sees great value in the technology beyond its commercial potential. Dave Baloga, Vice President of Science & Technology at Hill's said: "The Vetrax technology is a fantastic tool to evaluate the performance of our therapeutic and wellness foods and to support clinical studies. We are tremendously excited about the possibilities that this technology offers us to help develop and validate future products."


Technology Highlight

  • Animal Behavior Sensor
  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure: VMs, VPN, Load balancers
  • Custom IoT Architecture
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure File Storage
  • Dog Behavior Algorithm (AI algorithms)
  • Vetrax Pet Parent mobile app
  • Vetrax Veterinary Portal
  • PowerBI for reporting and big data analytics
  • High Availability Azure Cloud Architecture: Georedundancy, Microsoft SQL Server Always On

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