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Elanco Animal Health


Client Situation

Elanco is a leading, global animal health company. Elanco is a innovator, developer and manufacturer of animal disease prevention, vaccines, antibiotics, parasiticides products, as well as functional nutritional health products. The company has grown rapidly over the past decade with numerous acquisitions. To support the IT infrastructure growth and change, Elanco has selected the Azure cloud.



  • Transition from on-premises computing to Azure cloud
  • Keeping the IT infrastructure running reliably and secure is time consuming and costly
  • Scalability and flexibility are a concern with on-premises IT infrastructure
  • Rapid time to market is needed to meet the corporate initiatives
  • Deployment and IT Operations should be part of the improvements

Solutions Provided

ITLogica has been a trusted service provider for Elanco Animal Health for over 15 years. Elanco Knowledge Solutions (EKS) is a data and analytics division of Elanco Animal Health. ITLogica has developed and maintained a large application / analytics portfolio for Elanco Knowledge Solutions. When EKS initiated their transition to the Azure cloud, ITLogica was selected due to our knowledge of the application portfolio and Azure.

ITLogica has successfully transitioned EKS legacy applications to Azure App Service from on-premises IIS based application, keeping cost in check. By leveraging the Azure App Services, we are able to scale up and scale out while at the same time, taking advantages of flexibility, security and failover capabilities of the cloud infrastructure.



Below are some of the results from transitioning to the cloud but not limited to:

  • Legacy application migration to Azure App Services, we delivered the advantage of the serverless architecture, resulting in less maintenance and operating costs.
  • High availability failover support by implementing Azure Front Door. In the event of an Azure data center event, the application processing can automatically transition to the operational data center (e.g. East Datacenter transition to West Datacenter or vice versa).
  • Secured web apps by implementing the Azure Web Application Firewall to detect web vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Improved database reliability by migrating to Azure SQLDB Managed Instance Business, the databases are replicated to multiple instances, they can take advantage of the replicated instances for reporting and analytics purposes.

Technology Highlight

  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Front Door
  • Azure Web Application Firewall
  • Azure API Managemet
  • Azure Function
  • Application Insight
  • Azure SQLDB Managed Instance
  • Azure DevOps

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