Case Studies

United Way


Client Situation

United Way of Atlanta is a nonprofit charitable organization focusing on identifying and resolving pressing community issues and making measurable changes in communities. They have been using the on-premise Microsoft CRM as their customer relationship management system and the Andar software as their business operation system for many years. United Way used a middleware called Scribe to do the data synchronization between CRM and Andar. Now they are going to upgrade the CRM to the online Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM. They are seeking a new solution to replace Scribe for data synchronization between Dynamic 365 and Andar.



United Way was facing the challenges of:

  • The data synchronizations between Andar and CRM are tightly coupled.
  • Data updates are not effectively monitored and managed.
  • Data integrity issues such as duplicated records, missed records, time stamp issues etc.
  • Lack of auto-scalability and auto-error handling.

Solutions Provided

ITLogica proposes the solution of leveraging Azure Service Bus technology to decouple the Andar software and the Dynamics 365 Online. The new architecture will also involve the Azure Function to deal with the complicated logic, Common Data Service to talk with Dynamic 365, and the Azure Application Insight for better system monitoring against performance, availability, errors etc.



  • By leveraging Microsoft Azure Service Bus and Common Data Service, ITLogica helps United Way realize the asynchronous data transaction, ensuring the integrity, reliability and accuracy of data.
  • Taking advantage of Azure Monitor, ITLogica implements a high availability system monitoring for United Way.
  • By leveraging Microsoft license, ITLogica establishes Microsoft centric architecture for better compatibility and streamlined vendor management.
  • This solution, to a great extent, frees the United Way team from manual intervention of data transaction and enable them to focus on more strategic issues.

Technology Highlight

  • Microsoft Dynamic 365 Online
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Common Data Service
  • Common Data Model
  • Azure Function
  • Application Insight

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