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October 22, 2021

ITLogica Participates in CSWeek Implementation of the Year

Utilities services provider ITLogica has assisted Citizens Energy Group with a two year-long CIS migration and was essential to not only to a successful go-live, but also in the project winning the prestigious CSWeek Implementation of the Year for 2020.

ITLogica played a critical role in the project as Citizens Energy’s team for the data conversion and also as members of the project management council. Due to ITLogica’s efforts, 100% of all expected data was converted and balanced, and ITLogica’s efforts were critical to the eventual on-time and under-budget completion of the project.

Concerning ITLogica, Citizens had the following to say:

“Citizens Energy Group migrated from Banner to C2M in 2020. They turned to ITLogica, with whom they already had a multi-year relationship, to be a part of the project. Specifically, ITLogica represented the utility on the data conversion team and was responsible for data mapping, cleanup, reconciliations, and analysis of both their CIS and complex billing systems. Over the course of the project ITLogica was key to both the accuracy of the converted data and in keeping the data conversion effort on schedule.

The data converted was for roughly 350,000 accounts spread across gas, water, sewer, and steam generation services. Over 100 areas were identified as needing reconciliation between Banner and C2M. These included entities such as Adjustments, Revenues, Meters, Customers, Premises, Accounts, Service Orders, Readings, and Payment Arrangements. Once completed, 100% of all differences were reconciled and the entire conversion effort completed 12 hours ahead of schedule.

This effort took 22 months and ITLogica was a key component to the on time, on budget success of the project. In fact, they earned a seat in project management and planning, and were members of the go-live go/no-go decision-making team.”

About ITLogica

ITLogica has been operating in the Utilities space for over twenty years. ITLogica specializes in implementing and managing CIS systems and in developing interfaces to related systems such as MDMS, GIS, Outage, GL, and Payment Processing. For more information about ITLogica, visit: https://www.itlogica.com.

About Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Energy Group is a Public Charitable Trust operating since 1887 as a broad-based utility service company, providing natural gas, thermal energy, water, and wastewater services to about 800,000 people and thousands of businesses in the Indianapolis area. For more information on Citizens, please visit: https://www.citizensenergygroup.com.

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